We specialize solely in sales via telephone

We are one of the best telemarketing companies in our countries

About us

We specialize solely in sales and marketing via telephone calls. We are experts of sales. We foster a sales culture in our company. We don’t do inbound projects. We take a perspective of our clients and do not charge for minutes; we work based on CPO.

Our values

A passion to achieve a result Responsibility
Professionalism and co-operation Respect
Continuous improvement Simplicity and optimism

More about us

  • Vilnius, A.  Juozapaviciaus st. 6/2, D corp., LT-09317
  • Marijampole, Gedimino st. 42, LT- 68305 
  • Marijampole, Gedimino st. 13, LT- 68307
  • Alytus, Pulko st. 12a, LT-62133
  • Alytus, Vingio st. 6-44, LT-63214
  • Alytus, Miklusenu st. 17a, LT-62413
  • Utena, Kudirkos st. 22-43, LT- 28233
  • Utena, Utenio a. 16a, LT-28244
  • Kuzmanyho cesta 5, 974 01 Banská Bystrica 
  • Zvolenská cesta 179, 974 05 Banská Bystrica
  • Zagrebška cesta 20, 2000 Maribor
  • Tržaška cesta cesta 40, 2000 Maribor
  • Bukovžlak 101, 3000 Celje
  • Ulica Ivana Severa 15 , 42000, Varaždin 
  • Čakovečka 9, 40305 Nedelišće


Here we describe our job offers.

We are looking for telemarketing specialists. The job duties include:

  • Selling products and services via telephone;
  • Completing orders made by phone;
  • Maintaining contacts with existing customers.

We would welcome you to our team if you:

  • Have skills of phone communication or would like to improve these skills;
  • Looking for invaluable sales experience;
  • Looking for a salary based on your results.
or contact: +370 52 734 838, personalas@telemarketing.lt

More about career 

Birutė (Marijampolė, Lithuania)

Our team is a team of optimists, benevolent co-workers, who are eager to share information on everything from cooking to their kids. We are a strong and active team, keen on every new idea. By the way, we earn good money too! We have different customers, from intellectuals, retired people to people with distinctive hobbies. The common thing is that all our customers are open-minded people.

Rasa (Alytus, Lithuania)

An average team member in our team is 40 years old, most have university degrees. Half of us have one child, another half have two kids, so families unites us. Customers like to buy from us, it is both, a habit and an entertainment. Some of our customers tell us about their problems, some simply do not have time to look for goods they need in shops, so we are glad to save them some time!

Stela (Marijampolė, Lithuania)

The spirit of our team is an artistic one, there are songs, poems, dancing, exercising. We love pets, every team member has at least one pet, and some have tens of them, if we take into account sheep, pigs, chicken. We have noticed that even if someone leaves Telemarketing, later often comes back. It is obvious that there is no better place than with us. As for our customers, we often hear over that a person makes her last purchase from us, but then she comes back again and again.

Laima (Alytus, Lithuania)

Half of us are raising children, so flexible working hours of Telemarketing are convenient. Working in this company is never boring, all the time something is going on – various contests, theme days, trainings. We try to be open to society, we introduce ourselves in colleges, during business days, and we sponsor city’s festivals. We are sales experts, we believe that we can sell anything from buttons to a spaceship.

Neringa (Utena, Lithuania)

All our team members have university degrees. Our team is quite young, of an average age of 25 years. However, most of us already have children. We have noticed that our clients are curios people, interested in many different things. We help them to save some time, as our goods come to their doorsteps.

Interesting facts

  • Usually we sell goods valued at 30-60 EUR.

  • We sell 9000 products and services per month on average.

  • The most expensive product ever sold via phone was valued at 800 EUR.

  • To complete one order, a telemarketer needs to make ten phone calls on average, according to our experience.

  • Some products and services that we have been selling include balcony glazing, underwear, and expensive agricultural machinery.